What’s the Best Massage Gun on the Market in 2022? A Buyer’s Guide

With the increasing demand and online searches for massage guns, there are now hundreds of companies in the ‘electric massager’ market fighting for your money and attention. With so many options to choose from brings to mind the question, what’s the best massage gun to buy?

A massage gun is a perfect gift for your family and friends who would totally love you for getting them this new gadget/tool that helps make their life better.

Searching for that perfect holiday gift idea, a present your mom, dad, boyfriend, or girlfriend would use almost every day and enjoy? Give your loved ones the simple and timeless gift of relaxation and healthy living so each time they use their massage gun, they will think of you and thank you for helping make their life a little better.

Find out all you need to know about the best massage guns in 2022 in this comprehensive review. In this guide, I will try my best to answer all your questions in your search for the best massage gun for your needs and help you make the best buying decision. 

So, after all, what is all this hype about massage guns, and are they worth investing in? In this article, we will find you everything there is to know about the best massage guns on offer from the best-selling brands. 

At a Glance: The Best Massage Guns in 2022

If you are in a hurry, here’s a summary of the best massage guns to help you effectively treat the areas of your body to release tension and promote muscle recovery. Read more about what makes these percussion massage guns the best choices for weight loss, later in this article.

ImageNameStandout FeaturesAmplitude (Depth in mm) and Frequency (Speed in PPM)Product Link
LifePro Sonic Lx Professional Percussion Massage Gun
(Best Massage Gun of 2022)
Lifetime Warranty + Excellent Customer Support System 12mm, 9 Speeds (900 to 3,400 PPM) Buy On Amazon
Theragun mini by Therabody, Best massage gun 2021Theragun Mini by Therabody Ultra-Portable, Simple Design & Features + Quiet and Powerful 12mm, 3 Speeds Buy On Amazon
Renpho R4 Massage Gun Renpho R4 Pro Massage Gun Adjustable Handle that rotates in 5 positions 10mm, 4 SpeedsBuy On Amazon
Fitpulse Massage Gun Fitpulse Massage Gun Most affordable + Most positively reviewed 30 Speeds, 3,200 RPMBuy On Amazon
Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Massage Gun Hyperice Hypervolt Plus with BluetoothMost Powerful Motor (90 Watt) 3 Speeds, 2,400 to 3,200 PPM (percussions per minute)Buy On Amazon
The 5 Best Massage Guns in 2022

What is a Massage Gun and Who Is It For?

A massage gun (also called percussion gun) is a new and popular handheld consumer product with an automated and electrically-powered massage head.

Percussion massage guns combine the elements of a conventional massage and vibration therapy to achieve the promised results.

In the world of massage guns, there are two widely-used interchangeable terms you will often hear which are: percussion massage and percussive therapy

In simple words, this means using a vibration massage technique of sending strong strokes and pulses into the muscle tissue for achieving various desired results.

Massage gun is a recent trend that started picking up pace starting from 2019. 

Just in the United States, the average number of monthly Google searches for the term ‘massage gun’ is 201K. Globally, there is a 5,300% increase in searches for massage guns that have happened just in the past three years (2019-2021). (Source)

Who is it for? 

  • Sports professionals and Athletes
  • Active individuals who regularly exercise or play sports
  • Bodybuilders and Runners
  • Caregivers
  • Anyone who wants a DIY quick and relaxing massage at the comfort of their home.

Why Should You Buy a Massage Gun?

If you have ever had the experience of a traditional massage with a masseuse, you surely know how relaxing and amazing you feel following the massage session.

With the introduction of massage guns, the feeling of serenity is no longer a luxury reserved only for a conventional massage. Just like you carry your phone around in your pocket, you can also use a massage gun anywhere and anytime. 

You can take a massage gun with you on your travels for a quick unwinding session when you feel your muscles are sore from all the walking or use one at the comfort of your home to relax any tight muscles.

To understand the effects of a massage gun, a new study was done last year that concluded that a 5-minute massage treatment done using a massage gun on the calf muscles increased the range of motion (the full muscle movement from start to finish).

As a result, the researchers suggested including a massage gun treatment in a warm-up routine before exercising or playing sports to increase muscle flexibility. 

These are the benefits that you can expect to receive from using a massage gun –

  • Massage away stress and tension to relax the muscles.
  • Reduce pain, ease soreness and loosen muscle knots.
  • Improve blood circulation and speed up recovery after any activity.
  • Accelerate your warmup before a workout.
  • Improve overall physical performance, flexibility and range of motion.
  • Rehabilitation therapy or physical therapy.

Although there are not many scientific studies done proving the effectiveness of massage guns, there are thousands upon thousands of positive, trustworthy reviews on the internet from people who have benefitted and seen improvement in their problems with muscles and joints.

From my perspective and having personally experienced the positive effects of using a massage gun myself, I can now confidently recommend a good massage gun as one of the essential gadgets to own if you’re serious about self-care.

What to Look for When Buying a Massage Gun (Buying Guide)

Before investing your hard-earned money in a massage gun, there are a few things that you should look for as a buyer for making the best buying decision. 

To help you decide about the best massage gun for your needs and preferences, I will list a few important points worth considering.

1. Stroke Amplitude & Noise Level

In the world of massage guns, stroke amplitude or stroke length means how hard the massage gun will hit the muscles and is measured in millimeters (mm). 

Checking the stroke amplitude of a massage gun is an important factor to consider when making a buying decision because this number will help you understand if you will get a soft, gentle & relaxing massage or a hard, deep-tissue percussion massage. 

The stroke amplitude of massage gun averages between 10 to 16 mm for all massage gun brands. The higher the stroke amplitude level, the harder will be the massage experience and vice-versa.

You can use the stroke amplitude number to compare between massage gun brands and buy the one that matches your needs and preferences.

Massage Gun Amplitudes

Massage TypeAmplitude (Depth)Amplitude Classification
Gentle & Relaxing9-11 mmLow
Increased Pressure12-13 mmModerate
Deep Muscle14-16 mmHigh
Full-Sized Massage Guns

Massage Type Amplitude (Depth)Amplitude Classification
Gentle & Relaxing 6-8 mmLow
Increased Pressure9-10 mmModerate
Deep Muscle12+ mmHigh
Mini Massage Guns

Noise Level

The noise and sound levels that a massage gun produces are another factor that is important to the majority of massage gun buyers. For all massage guns, the noise levels are measured in terms of Decibels (dB).

In general, all massage guns will produce noise because of their motors so you should aim for the quietest massage guns with the lowest decibel levels for a peaceful and relaxing massage experience.

Noise (Everyday Sounds)Average Sound Level in Decibels (dB)
Normal Breathing10
Ticking Watch20
Soft Whisper, Leaves Rustling30
Refrigerator Hum40
Normal Conversation, Air Conditioner60
Washing Machine, Dishwasher70
Noise Level Chart (Source: CDC)

2. Speeds and RPM

The speed settings for a massage gun basically mean the number of percussions per second or the rapid bursts of pressure into the muscles. 

RPM is short for revolutions per minute or the number of times a massage gun can hit a muscle in one minute. This term is also interchangeable with and referred to as PPM or percussions per minute by some brands. Both these terms have the same meaning.

While looking at different massage guns, you will notice that they all come with adjustable speed settings varying from 3x to 30x speed levels and RPM/PPM between 1,200 to 3,200.

Don’t get confused, this high variation in massage gun speed settings and RPM is for use on different areas of the body. 

Some muscles respond with a relaxation response to lower speed intensities like arms, lower back, calf, feet, and some muscles to medium and higher intensities like the neck, shoulders, back, hips, and thighs.

3. Battery Life

Having a good battery life is a crucial factor when deciding to buy a handheld massage gun as this feature can save you the inconvenience and extra time of charging after every use.

The best massage gums available in the market will have a minimum battery usage time of 2 to 3 hours on a single full charge. Anything over this usage time is exceptional.

4. Attachments

All massage guns come with different attachments having varying impact levels for use on different parts of the body to get an effective massage treatment and fast results. 

The different impact levels of massage gun attachments are designed to ensure the right treatment in the right area of the body.

This is why one of the first things you should look for when deciding to buy a massage gun is the various attachment heads that come with your handheld massage device.

All massage gun brands offer different numbers of attachments varying from 4 to 10 heads with each percussion gun device.

The 4 most common, standard attachments you can expect to receive with most massage guns are as follows:

  1. Standard Ball Attachment
  2. Fork Attachment
  3. Bullet Attachment
  4. Flat Head Attachment
Most common massage gun attachments

5. Warranty

As a buyer, a physical product warranty gives you a guarantee for a specific time period that your massage gun will be free from defects in material and workmanship.

In a worst-case scenario, if you happen to receive a defective massage gun or accidentally damage the device, the product’s warranty will ensure timely replacement or a refund for your massage gun.

If a massage gun brand happens to offer an additional protection coverage service to increase the warranty period, it’s a cherry on the cake and also shows the brand’s commitment to offering a high-quality, premium product.

As a final factor in your buying decision, do check the massage gun’s warranty period on the brand’s website or Amazon and to know what’s covered and what’s not covered.

6. Ease of Use and Handling

For a first-time massage gun buyer, it can be a daunting task to figure out how to use the massage gun, what attachments to use on which areas of the body, what speed setting to use for the best results, and so on.

This is the reason, the massage gun brand you choose to buy should have very clear instructions about using the device on either their official website or the user manual. 

Secondly, a handheld device like a massage gun should be light enough to comfortably hold in one hand since this is how it’s designed to be operated.

So, if you wish to maximize ease, comfort, and usability without any additional pressure on your wrists or hands, always choose a lightweight and ergonomically designed massage gun.

The 5 Best Massage Guns to Buy in 2022

Here is our detailed review of all the best massage guns in 2022 that can help you with pain relief, muscle recovery and loosen tight & sore muscles anywhere you want.

1. LifePro Sonic Lx Professional Percussion Massage Gun (Best Massage Gun 2022)

What's the best massage gun in 2022, Lifepro Sonic Lx

Amplitude and Speed12mm, 9 Speeds (900 to 3,200 RPM)
Battery Life240 minutes or 4 hours (depending on speed)
Attachments10 massage head attachments
Noise Level55-65 dB
Weight and ErgonomicsAround 2.3 lbs (1 kg), Ergonomic grip
WarrantyLifetime Warranty
Key Features and Specifications

Lifepro takes the massage gun experience to the next level by offering an impressive support system for all customers by –

1. Offering a lifetime warranty for all products.

2. Free access to online training videos to get the most out of effectively using their products.

3. Exclusive VIP Facebook group

4. Free consultation

This is the first and only brand in the market that offers so many after services for massage guns. Not just that, Lifepro USA has a wide range of massage guns on offer with their trademarked Soar FX technology. 

Lifepro’s innovative, wide range of products have been featured and mentioned by media giants like Forbes, Entrepreneur, GQ, Rolling Stone, Men’s Health, Buzzfeed, and Popsugar among many others.

With a mission statement to help you do more, achieve more, and get more out of life, Lifepro’s products can support you in your fitness journey by improving your heart health & workout recovery, building muscle, losing & burning fat, increasing stamina, and relax tight muscles with vibration and percussion therapy.


  • Professional-grade massage gun with an excellent build quality for anyone looking to get a powerful deep tissue massage at home, lasting for years to come.

  • Lifetime warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee. After purchase, register here.

  • Free access to an online video library showing the best ways to use the massage gun for maximizing effectiveness.

  • Free consultation with their ‘guiding angel’ or a support team member to answer all your questions.

  • Quiet as a refrigerator hum.

  • Comes with a carrying case.


  • Some buyers, especially women have felt the weight of the Sonic Lx to be a little heavy. If you have small hands or weak grip strength, the weight may be a problem for you.

2. Theragun Mini by Therabody (Best Mini Massage Gun)

Theragun Mini Massage Gun by Therabody
Amplitude and Speed12 mm, 3 Speeds
Battery Life150 minutes or 2.5 hours
Attachments1 Standard ball attachment
Noise LevelQuietForce Technology™
App ConnectivityApp available for Apple and Android devices
Weight and Ergonomics1.4 lbs (0.65 kg), Ergonomic grip
Warranty1-Year Limited Warranty
Key Features and Specifications

Therabody is one of the leading massage gun brands in the market and for good reason. As an analogy, Therabody can be compared to and be called the ‘Apple’ of massage guns who revolutionized this new technology for the wellness and relaxation industry, just like Apple did with the first iPhone and Dyson with vacuum cleaners.

Theragun was the first massage gun in the market at a time when nobody knew about percussive therapy as a way of treating muscle pain and recovery.

The brand was founded by a chiropractor, Dr. Jason Wersland who created Theragun out of a necessity to deal with his own pain from a motorcycle accident. 

Following the huge success of Theragun percussive therapy, the company evolved into a tech wellness company called Therabody and introduced more revolutionary products in the natural wellness space and now charges a premium for the best-in-class massage guns for wellness and recovery among other similar devices like PowerDot, RecoveryAir, Wave series and the newest CBD skincare range called TheraOne.

Theragun is used and endorsed by the world’s top professional teams, athletes, and celebrities like Adam Levine, DJ Khaled, Diddy, Kyrie Irving, Marcus Peters, Antonio Brown, Maria Sharapova, and many others. 

Theragun Mini is the latest, portable massage gun innovation from Therabody that offers percussive therapy benefits with even better technology, the same old trust, and strong customer loyalty.


  • Small, portable, and easier to operate mini massage gun.

  • Best-in-class noise control. Quiet, yet powerful.

  • A perfect travel companion that takes less space. Just drop it in a bag and take it anywhere.

  • The simple, lightweight, and ergonomic design makes it easier to hold and handle comfortably in your hands for the entire 15-minute massage session.

  • Best for first-time users of a massage treatment device to experience the benefits of percussive therapy before deciding to buy advanced & complex massage guns with more power.

  • Comes with a soft protective case.


  • Some users (1-2%) complained of receiving a defective product that had to be replaced as covered by the product warranty.

3. Renpho R4 Pro Massage Gun with Adjustable Arm (Best for Personal Use)

Renpho R4 Pro Massage Gun

Amplitude and Speed10 mm, 4 Speeds
Battery Life240 minutes or 4 hours
Attachments6 massage head attachments
Noise Level<55dB
App ConnectivityNot available
Weight and Ergonomics2.23 lbs (1.01 kg), Ergonomic grip with an adjustable arm (90 degrees rotation)
Warranty1-Year Limited Warranty
Key Features and Specifications

Renpho is a smart health company selling low-cost tech products designed to aid and promote healthy living. 

The brand is best known for its intelligent scales that calculate body fat and is currently an Amazon #1 best-seller in this category.

Renpho’s growth has accelerated in the past few years with thousands of monthly Google searches making its app-enabled smart products successful with its customers.

All massage guns from Renpho are under the $100 price tag which makes these high-quality handheld massagers a favorite with people looking for high-quality and cheap massage guns with thousands of positive reviews.


  • A curved, easy-to-grip handle for hard-to-reach places and a comfortable posture compared to other traditional massage guns with a fixed handle.

  • 5 massage gun arm positions that make it easier to use on yourself.

  • Affordable price and comes with similar features as other expensive brands.

  • Powerful and durable with a solid build.

  • Removable and user-replaceable battery (sold separately) for times when the battery runs out. 

  • Sturdy and premium-looking carry case.


  • Not enough amplitude and power for deep tissue percussion massage, making it less suitable for pro athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

4. Fit Pulse Muscle Massage Gun (Best Budget Option)

Fit Pulse Muscle Massage Gun (Best Budget Option for Pro Athletes and Bodybuilders)

Speed and RPM30 Speeds, 3,200 RPM
Battery Life360 minutes or 6 hours
Attachments10 massage head attachments
Noise Level<60dB
App ConnectivityNot available
Weight and ErgonomicsAround 2 lbs (0.91 kg), Ergonomic grip
Warranty1-Year Limited Warranty
Key Features and Specifications

The Fitpulse brand offers one of the lowest cost and highly positively reviewed percussive massage guns. 

Fitpulse has thousands of positive reviews for its most popular massage gun on Amazon, its official website and on Walmart.

Their official brand motto in their own words is, “FitPulse is a future-driven brand focused on providing you the best solutions for enhancing your training performance & general well-being. We design top-of-the-line products for professional athletes, sports enthusiasts as well as people that simply want to feel better.”

With its registered office in the UK, Fitpulse is a reliable and trusted brand that focuses just on making one product using the best technology, quality, and features to enhance your training, performance & well-being. 


  • 10 massage head attachments to target all muscle groups.

  • Most affordable, positively reviewed massage gun with a multitude of features.

  • Available in 5 different colors.

  • Quiet and ergonomic design.

  • Long battery life on a full charge.

  • Comes with a sturdy carry case.


  • A few users reported the speed levels only go up, not down. To lower the speed levels, you either need to turn off the device to make it start at level one or go all the way up and pass level 30.

5. Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Percussion Massage Gun with Bluetooth (Best for Athletes and Bodybuilders)

Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Massage Gun

Speed3 Speeds, 2,400 to 3,200 percussions per minute (PPM)
Battery Life150 minutes or 2.5 hours+
Attachments5 massage head attachments
Noise LevelQuietGlide™ technology, <80 dB
App ConnectivityBluetooth enabled, Connects with Hyperice App for automated speed control
Weight 3 lbs (1.3kg)
Warranty1 Year Warranty
Key Features and Specifications

The second most popular massage gun brand after Therabody, Hyperice was founded in 2011.

 Over the last 10 years, its products have been used by some of the world’s best athletes like Naomi Osaka (Professional Tennis Player), Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback), Erling Haaland (Professional Footballer), Ja Morant (NBA Point Guard) and Amanda Nunes (UFC Mixed Martial Artist). 

In 2021, Hyperice was recognized by Fast Company as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. You will know how true that is after looking at their unique product range in the performance and wellness space with innovative designs and names like Hypervolt (percussion massagers), Vyper (vibrating foam rollers), Normatec (dynamic air compression), Venom (heated massage), Core (meditation), Hyperice X (hot & cold therapy) and Hypersphere (vibrating ball pinpoint pressure therapy).


  • 90-watt powerful brushless motor, the most powerful motor of any percussion device in the world with built-in pressure sensor technology.

  • Connects with the Hyperice App on both iOS and Android devices to let you sit back and enjoy the automated speed setting control.

  • Light indicators on the back show the amount of pressure you’re applying.

  • Really long battery life with a light ring at the bottom to show battery level.

  • One of the quietest motors in comparison to other guns for the sheer amount of power it produces.

  • High-quality, premium materials, and excellent build quality, designed specifically for the power-seeking enthusiast.

  • Distinguished by its signature “black matte color”. 


  • Comes with an attachment pouch but no massage gun carry case.

  • A slightly higher weight can be an issue for some, making it hard to hold for people with small hands or weak grip strength.

In Summary: Perfection, at a Price

We’re finally here! Our number one choice for the best massage gun of 2022 goes to … 

Lifepro Sonic Lx Professional Percussion Massage Gun


  • Considering the most important features and specifications while buying a massage gun (listed above), Lifepro Sonic Lx comes with top-notch stroke amplitude, noise level, speeds, battery life, attachments, ergonomics, and warranty.

  • In comparison with the premium & elite massage guns, Theragun and Hypervolt which are considered to be the ultimate-best by many, endorsed by celebrities, pro athletes, and influencers, in my opinion, if you can get an equally good massage gun at almost half the price with about 90% of the same features and a lifetime warranty, the smarter choice would be the low-cost, high-quality massage gun device.

  • Lifepro Sonic Lx is recommended by a number of therapists and chiropractors who aren’t paid to promote the massage gun, unlike the athletes and celebrities which makes their recommendation sincere and genuine. 

  • For people seeking help with plantar fasciitis and sciatica, Lifepro Sonic Lx is the perfect massage gun that will help relieve their pain and relax the muscles using any of the 10 massage head attachments.

  • This professional-grade massage gun has an excellent build quality that will last for years to come and is designed especially for professional therapists, trainers, and chiropractors and also for anyone looking to get a powerful deep tissue massage at home with similar results.

If you’re after a powerful, quiet, lightweight, long-lasting, simple, and easy-to-use handheld massage gun, the Lifepro Sonic Lx should be near the top of your list.

A second-to-none lifetime warranty and an excellent customer support system make this massage gun one of the best among all others. It’s the best handheld massage gun we recommend to buy in 2022 for everyone. While those of you looking for something smaller, portable, and easy to carry anywhere, you might consider the Theragun Mini massage gun as a no-brainer.

This post is our best effort to help you in your search for a massage gun that fits your needs and preferences. We hope that the information we shared above will point you in the right direction amongst the vast sea of massage gun brands desperately seeking your attention.

If you enjoyed this review post, please leave your experiences and comments below.

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